Hayland Hardy

My personal story

Life, Faith, Perserverance

The Against the Wind Ministries team is a family oriented ministry lead by Hayland Hardy that relies on the Hardy family and many other friends/members of the Body of Christ. 

Coach Hayland Hardy was playing minor league baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers and was projected to be a top select for the major league team when God had different plans. Situations changed suddenly when doctors diagnosed him with autoimmune-acquired pulmonary fibrosis (a progressive terminal lung disease), and told him that he would have only 6 months to live in 1997. Hayland's career as a baseball player was over in an instant, and he had a wife and two young daughters (4yr and 1yr) to take care of. He made his already existing relationship with God even stronger thinking that his life would end any moment. God blessed him with many miracles; and to this day it has been almost 25 years since he was diagnosed. He went on to become a teacher, coach, licensed minister, and mentor. Though he was told that more children was out of the realm of possibilities, Hayland and wife Crickett went on to have two more daughters, totaling four girls for Dad! We have added two son-in-laws, and a beautiful grandson to the mix. Hayland loves telling people about the Lord and about how to look to Him in trialing times, and his whole family is committed to supporting and enhancing the overall Mission of this earth.